Welcome to Sofia Commodity Exchange (SCE) – the first and the largest organized, concentrated and featuring fast liquidity exchange market in Bulgaria. Here, based on the traditional for the exchange trade warranties and facilities, you can implement fast and secure purchase/ sale of large amounts of goods of fixed origin and proven quality on true balanced market prices. SCE offers the best conditions in the country for an active whole sale trading, providing a global market to the businessmen, guaranteeing well-balanced prices to the traders, facilitates the supply of the required raw materials for the manufacturers.

    Sofia Commodity Exchange has no vacancy period as the traders and the businessmen, served by it, operate continuously. The rules and the procedures of an open discussion between Sellers and Buyers provide for a public, transparent, open, civilized and fair trade.

    The offers for the spot-market of the SCE are submitted to the SCE Secretariat not later than 1.30 PM on Tuesdays. Qualified certified exchange intermediaries - brokers, trading on behalf and at the expense of their customers, carry out the preliminary acceptance of the offers as well as their trading during the sessions of SCE.

    The brokers are highly qualified professionals, well acquainted not only with the rules and mechanisms of the exchange trade, but the market conjuncture for the traded commodities. As a criteria for their efficiency the prompt execution of quality services and the provision of maximum benefits for the customers can be used, as this affects their profit too.

    You can find the results of the implemented sessions and the price quotations of the commodities of your interest in the electronic exchange bulletin of SCE, transmitted by the proprietary computer-based system BBC (bulletin board system), on the business-related pages of "PARI” newspaper, via the information system "TELEVEST" and the regular publications.

    Do not forget the specific advantages and warranties, provided by the exchange trading on Sofia Commodity Exchange (SCE):

● there is no need for unfair or unnecessary intermediaries in order to meet a solvent Buyer;

● the goods, purchased by you, are guaranteed in respect to their origin and quality;

● Your deals are always concluded only using the preliminary price, set by You, while there is a real opportunity for some price improvement during the exchange session;

● You have an exclusive chance for quick implementation and achievement of favorable result due to the concentration of a considerable number of potential customers of SCE;

● The commission charge of the exchange is extremely low and it is payable only after the completion of a deal - 0.15% of its value for grains and 0.20% for the remaining commodities.

source: dir.bg

Rates for 23.04.2014
  • usd 1 USD = 1.41378 BGN (down)
  • gbp 1 GBP = 2.37387 BGN (down)
  • chf 1 CHF = 1.6034 BGN (up)
source: BNB

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